ACG Hands-Free Support System

Eric Gereaux

The Adaptive Creations Group has designed something that could help quite a few people. Being a C-5 quad incomplete for 12 years, the accessibility of a cup, phone, or other equipment with safety included is a key for someone in a wheelchair. I could see this helping quite a few people.

Donna Slawsky

In discussing her mother, Donna explained, she was in a wheelchair and used to sit in a recliner all the time. One of the issues she had was she liked to have a desk area to work and it would have been helpful to have a flat surface. She had this thing that she used that was like a circular piece of wood that was meant to put on your lap, but was never really good for her to do any paperwork or anything so she just made do. But it wasn’t ideal. She had to use a snack table and when she was in the chair it would have been nice to some way to drink without having help every time. My mom had very serious psoriatic arthritis which meant that her fingers and joints were bent. She couldn’t even write towards the end. It was very bad. Her shoulders were all messed up from arthritis so she really couldn’t lift anything very high. So if you can’t lift anything, even a cup can be hard. She had to grab it with both hands. She had to use her palms to bring it up to her face. The hands-free system would have been helpful. Yes, I see a lot of utility for that especially among the elderly and God knows that there a bunch of elderly people around these days.

Jim Copening

So as a hands-free support system I’ll be using this for my music on the iPad and sheet book form as well as for my beverage and it will be mounted to my mike stand so I’ll have three different things happening from this one set up; the vocal, the drink, and the music. Awesome hands-free, Bluetooth foot controls for changing the thing on my iPad and it’s just an awesome thing for any musician or singer, or drummer.

Donna Slawsky

What happens when I work on my stuff I put my cup here and I have my hands full of glue and it gets really messy. I like the idea, it’s great and also it reminds me to drink because I’ve got it right in front of my face. I don’t always drink enough when I work, So it’s a great idea. I like it.

Terry “T Bone” Rhodes

Man, I want to give a big shout out to the hands-free support system. Here I am, up and down now, and I can lean over and take a sip and I can sing as well. Man, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread for me because while I’m drumming, I get a little thirsty and it’s awesome to just be able to lean over and take my drink and not even miss a beat man. I love that hands-free it’s really an awesome invention.

Adam Brown

I’ve always gamed my whole life and now that streaming is blowing up, this hands-free device makes all kinds of opportunities open up because you can get your drink while still playing. If you’ve played online games, as soon as you put the controller down game over.

Chris Akal

I usually game around 30+ hours a week, with those hours holding my controller. It almost makes it impossible to take a drink, especially with games being 20 minutes or longer then the following game starting right after. Using this hands-free support system has allowed me to utilize one of my best assets for gaming…my brain. It allows me to stay sharp and focused while playing. This device allowed me to keep my phone at eye level as well to see if any calls or texts were worth answering within less than a second. And in gaming it’s everything. Happy to have used such a versatile device.

Justin Apoloto

Having been able to us this product firsthand, I can speak to its ingenuity and functionality. I used the product on my gaming chair to hold my huge 32 oz tumbler while I played. What was most impressive was the ability for adjustment so that the straw was just inches from my mouth making it much easier to multitask.

Robert White, as told by Steven White

My father, Robert White, a retired Army officer with 44 years of service, suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and was dropping his coffee mug at the breakfast table. We invented the ACG Hands-Free Support System to take the hands out of the equation for him and others suffering from many types of disabilities, as well as to help their caregivers at home and in healthcare facilities.

ACG Universal Blender Tamper

Chef Jim Copening

It’s really cool for different blenders with the feet that allows you get to the sides without having a flat surface like if you have herbs stuck on the side that you can get out. If you’re a Smoothie person you have the paddles and can give it the spinning action as well. Great little tool. Thumb positions, adjustable height. It's all good.

Kelsey Loughlin

I used this for a Smoothie and thought it worked really really well. Everything spreads out to the side you swirl it around a little bit and it goes “zoop” to the middle. I thought it was very effective and I would totally use it again. The instructions were really good. I thought I had measured it correctly and had a little user error so make sure you are obeying the instructions. Making sure it is above the blades or you’re going to chop up the bottom of your wand. But it worked really really well and the instructions were very eloquent.

Christie Balas

I normally don’t use as much juice so I found being able to condense the frozen fruits that I decide to use for my Smoothies that it broke it all down and was able to feed it through when I didn’t have to use the extra additives so I found it as a bonus. It works great. You fit it in there and it’s compatible with whatever machine you’re using. It was easy to use the instructions, it’s “righty tighty, lefty loosey”. It’s pretty simple. It’s great.

Jim Lowe

It’s a really good product because I like my Smoothies thicker so the blender really has to work it. But just took one turn and it all went down and made it just the way I want it without having to shake it or shut it off and put a spoon in there and mix it around. This cut my time to like three seconds. You just stick it in and move it around. It’s really really cool. The instructions were self-explanatory and once you do it and put it in where you’re not going to hit the blade it’s really simple. It’s user friendly, the whole thing is really simple. I think that’s important because you don’t realize that there’s a product out there to make it simple. You just live with what you’ve got, but when you find out that you have something like this out there it’s a game changer. I think that $19.95 is a reasonable price for a J Hook product like this. The world is more in tune with the Smoothies and these type of drinks now for health. I mean that I would pay it, I wouldn’t have a problem paying it. My daughter liked it too.

Launch Pad Kick Off Tee

Don Cockroft, Cleveland Browns Kicker and Bill Shafer. Co-inventor of the Launch Pad Kick Off Tee

As a private person, I never really had the ambition or desire to be an inventor. But, when we obsessed on what we love doing, which is kicking and punting footballs, out came the Launch Pad Kick Off Tee. Coach David Abdul (co-inventor) and I are always working on ways to improve our craft of football kick offs. The Launch Pad is an innovative new way of looking at kicking footballs.

But with no patent, and no path toward approaching a very sophisticated industry like American Football, we were merely a couple of guys, baking up plans in the barnyards of rural Ohio. 10 years went by as the cows and us enjoyed world class performance that no knew about.

Then we met Steven White. Steve saw something exciting and began his work immediately securing industry professionals and a legal team to take us by the hand to step by step, lead us to the promised land. It was not easy and that's why we were so fortunate to being working with him.

Fast forward to today where with Steve's leadership and insights, we have been issued our patent, declaration of legal on field use for NCAA and NFHS, as well as putting us on the pathway for consideration of use in the professional leagues.

Because of his experience with inventions and idea to product development, he was able to foresee potential roadblocks and helped us with prototypes, modeling and other phases all the way through to production and manufacturing and delivery.

Today, in our first 6 months of sales, we have had product ordered by over 350 of the top college and high school programs in the nation as well as camps and clinics that are partnering with us, weekly!

If not for Steve and his leadership and guidance, Coach Abdul and I would almost certainly still be back in the barnyard. Thanks for introducing us to the world Steve! Couldn't have done it without you!