The Inventors' Mentor

"The Inventors' Mentor; Your Guide on the Path from Idea to Sales"

Are you an Inventor or have an idea for a new product? 

The Inventors' Mentor is here to help.

We seek people with a vision, with or without a prototype, that can be profitably developed into useful and profitable products for sale. Product industries can include consumer, athletic, medical, industrial, marine, or other sectors.

The range of services include, directly or through our team of partners:

       Business Organization;

Capital Acquisition;

Design Development;

3D Printing Prototyping;

Business and Market Analysis;

Patent Research and Application Preparation;

Trademark and Copyright Assistance,;

Manufacturer Sourcing;

Licensing Assistance;

Website Development;

“Shark Tank” type Pitch Development; and

 Marketing and Sales Support.

We respect NDA's to protect our clients' interests.

Our fees are based on the scope of work, the stage of product development, the complexity of the product for prototyping, the desired method of production (e.g., manufacturing or licensing), and other factors.  We offer turnkey, fixed-price, commission based, and combination programs.

Reach us through our Contact US page or email us directly at: to discuss the best way to help you move forward on your path from idea to sales.