ACG Hands-Free Support System

Using the ACG Hands-Free Support System in the hospital where sitting up 90 degrees in a hospital bed or recliner is very difficult requiring the patient to hold and move a drink some distance from a food tray.

The ACG Hands-Free Support System will easily clamp to a standard or motorized wheelchair in either a vertical or horizontal orientation to hold drinks with six separate points of adjustment. Drinks can also be tilted to reach all the contents.

The C Clamp, for dining room and other thick table tops, has a unique "speed dial" wheel that allows rapid tightening and loosening by caregivers. An ergonomic handle is included for those who might have arthritis or other strength challenges.

Wheelchair Drink Holder

Adjusted for a Child

Cellphone/Tablet Accessory

Drink Reducer Insert

Snack/Notebook Tray - Wheelchair

Snack/Notebook Tray - IV Pole

Wheelchair - Book Holder Accessory

Dining Room Table "Speed Dial" C Clamp Mount

Wheelchair - Full Size Food/Laptop Tray

Wheelchair - Full Size Food/Laptop Tray

Drink Holder - IV Pole Mount

Wheelchair Mounting Components

Kitchen Use - Tablet

Kitchen Use - Cookbook

Kitchen Use - Notebook

Chef Use - Cookbook- Current Prototype

Drink Holder - Artist

iPad Sheet Music for Musician

Drink Holder for Drummer

Drink Holder for Gamers

Drink Holder for Gamer - Front View

Drink Holder for Gamer - Couch

Drink Holder Gamer - Side View

eSports Competition

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