ACG Hands-Free Support System

The Problem:

Staying adequately hydrated is a major healthcare concern for patients and family members. One limiting factor is the ability of people with medical conditions to safely hold drinks without spilling. These conditions include neuromuscular conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, etc., stroke, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, amputations, dementia, birth defects, visual impairments, burns, and upper extremity injuries.

These same conditions make it difficult to hold and use electronic devices such as cellphones, computer tablets and books.

Without the Hands-Free Support System by Adaptive Creations Group, Inc. ("ACG") someone in a healthcare facility or at home has to either hold the drinks and other items or clean up the spills that can cause scalding injuries. After a spill it takes time and expense and to change clothing, bedding and clean floors. It also keeps nurses and aides away for other patients’ needs that can precent falls.

The Solution:

The patent pending Hands-Free Support System for the Disabled by Adaptive Creations Group, Inc. is assistive technology, also known as an adaptive device, to resolve these significant problems.

Made in Coral Springs, Florida, this durable medical equipment has eight points of adjustability for both adults and children with a customized drink support system, a reducer to hold smaller nutritional drinks, water and soda bottles and other beverages, accessories for holding cellphones, computer tablets, and books, and a tray system to hold snacks, drinks and a computer notebook (in development). Mounting can be done on tables, wheelchairs, IV poles, hospital beds and trays, and many other support structures.

For Healthcare Professionals

Connecting the Dots: How a Hands-Free Support System can Reduce Liability By Preventing Falls and Avoiding Missed Warning Signs for Other Patients

By Steven White, J.D., MBA and Wanda Neal, R.N.


Fall injuries in healthcare facilities and senior living communities are a major source of patient/resident disability, leading to fractures and other co-morbidities up to and including death. Delayed call light response times by nursing staff and failure to complete hourly nursing rounds have both been specifically correlated with preventable falls. Staffing shortages leading to increased nurse-patient ratios and budget cuts are increasingly important factors. Another significant factor, as suggested in this article, is the time-consuming needs of patients who are unable to hold drinks or eat independently. Spills can require clothing and bedding changes, floor cleanups and additional care. A low-cost hands-free support system to “take the hands out of the equation” for disabled patients and residents helps to provide much needed hydration. It has the added benefit of keeping them entertained and occupied by safely holding electronic devices that can significantly reduce these events as well as improve their overall health and quality of life. Additionally, simple but incredibly useful tools such as these can lead to a reduction in medical malpractice claims, negligence and hospital acquired conditions when preventable falls can occur in multiple areas of the healthcare system. Further research is suggested.


Assistive Technology, Adaptive Equipment, Call lights, Nursing Rounds, Patient Nurse ratios, Falls, Spills, Hydration, Liability, Medical Malpractice, Negligence,  and Recklessness. 

Other Users of the Hands-Free System

Many other people whose hands are too busy, dirty or in bulky gloves to easily hold drinks or electronic devices can stay hydrated with the same ACG Hands-Free Support System. These groups include gamers, cooks, musicians, artists, industrial workers, 911 dispatchers, court stenographers, students, etc.

Kitchen Use - Tablet

Kitchen Use - Cookbook

Kitchen Use - Notebook

Drink Holder - Artist

iPad Sheet Music for Musician

Drink Holder for Drummer

Drink Holder for Gamer 

eSports Competition

         Court Stenographer

               911 Dispatcher

             Industrial Workers