ACG Hands-Free Support System

Using the ACG Hands-Free Support System in the hospital where sitting up 90 degrees in a hospital bed or recliner is very difficult requiring the patient to hold and move a drink some distance from a food tray.

Wheelchair Drink Holder

Adjusted for a Child

Cellphone/Tablet Accessory

Drink Reducer Insert

Snack/Notebook Tray - Wheelchair

Snack/Notebook Tray - IV Pole

Wheelchair - Book Holder Accessory

Dining Room Table "Speed Dial" C Clamp Mount

Wheelchair - Full Size Food/Laptop Tray

Wheelchair - Full Size Food/Laptop Tray

Drink Holder - IV Pole Mount

Wheelchair Mounting Components

Kitchen Use - Tablet

Kitchen Use - Cookbook

Kitchen Use - Notebook

Chef Use - Cookbook- Current Prototype

Drink Holder - Artist

iPad Sheet Music for Musician

Drink Holder for Drummer

Drink Holder for Gamers

Drink Holder for Gamer - Front View

Drink Holder for Gamer - Couch

Drink Holder Gamer - Side View

eSports Competition

HFS PP Slides Website