Adaptive Creations Group, Inc. was founded in January of 2019, as Adaptive Creations Group, LLC, in Sarasota, Florida. Its purpose is research and development, marketing and sales of new products that meet the mission of the Company: “Creative Ideas for Better Living.”

The first two products are the Founder’s patent pending ACG Hands-Free Support System for the Disabled and Others and the patent pending ACG Universal Blender Tamper. ACG also acts as a consultant and mentor for other inventors, including the recently patented Launch Pad Kickoff Tee for football.

We seek people with a vision, with or without a prototype, that can be profitably developed into useful products for sale. Product industries can include consumer, athletic, medical, industrial, marine, or other sectors.

The range of services include, directly or through our team of partners, business organization, capital acquisition, design development, 3D prototyping, business and market analysis, patent research and application preparation, trademark and copyright assistance, manufacturer sourcing, licensing assistance, website development, “shark tank” type pitch development, and marketing and sales support.